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CRYSTAL GARDEN, Agbara: A Vision of Modern Living in Industrial Splendor, Crystal Garden, gracefully situated in the industrious Agbara-Igbesa area, transcends traditional residential estates, offering a vision of modern living against the backdrop of industrial splendor. Developed by Portal Realties Limited, Crystal Garden in Agbara is not just a home; it's an invitation to experience contemporary comfort in an area marked by dynamic growth.

Strategic Location:

Nestled within the bustling Agbara-Igbesa industrial zone, Crystal Garden enjoys a strategic location surrounded by factories, industrial facilities, and economic activity. This unique positioning places residents at the crossroads of industrial vitality and modern residential living.

Plot Options:

Crystal Garden caters to varied housing preferences with two plot sizes, allowing residents the freedom to design and build homes that align with their unique lifestyle:

600sqm Plots:

Outright: ₦12,000,000.00

Installment: ₦13,500,000.00 (Initial deposit: ₦25,000, Balance spread over 48 months)

Industrial Proximity:

Crystal Garden's close proximity to the industrial heart of Agbara-Igbesa makes it an ideal residence for professionals working in the region. Residents can seamlessly blend the comforts of modern living with the convenience of being near their workplace.

Contemporary Living Experience:

The estate is conceptualized to offer residents a contemporary living experience, featuring well-planned road networks, green spaces, and security infrastructure. Crystal Garden is designed not just as a residential enclave but as a harmonious living space that complements the industrial dynamism of the surrounding area.

Flexible Payment Plans:

Understanding the diverse financial needs of prospective homeowners, Crystal Garden provides flexible payment plans. These plans come with reasonable initial deposits and extended payment periods, ensuring that property ownership is within reach for a broad spectrum of investors.

Community Integration:

Beyond individual plots, Crystal Garden emphasizes community integration. Residents can expect a secure environment that fosters a sense of community, encouraging social interaction and mutual support among neighbors.

Investment Opportunities:

Investing in Crystal Garden offers not just a home but also an opportunity to capitalize on the dynamic growth of the Agbara-Igbesa industrial corridor. The estate's strategic location positions it as a smart investment choice for those seeking long-term appreciation.

In conclusion, Crystal Garden in Agbara beckons individuals to experience modern living within an industrial landscape. Whether you are seeking a residence or a strategic investment, this estate offers a unique fusion of comfort and industrial dynamism. Step into Crystal Garden and embrace a lifestyle where the vibrancy of industry meets the serenity of contemporary living.

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