This strategy is geared towards companies and corporate bodies/Employees. It has come to fore that employee’s performance is at optimum capacity when there is job security and something to fall back upon the happening of an unforeseen event. To this end, corporate entities are being approached with this innovative call to subscribe on behalf of their workers who have shown interest and have consented to such commitment by applying for the flexible payment plan. The logic is such that companies can subscribe on behalf of their employees who have consented to such plans through a written agreement and the company pays for outright payment plan with cheaper than the flexible installment payment.
The essence of this is to bring consistency and the need to invest on the site to make it fit for that above stated standard befitting for the calibers of people who have subscribed to it. The payment plan has been structured in such a way that the salaries of the workers are not affected at all.  
Another aspect of this investment is to get involved in what we call Corporate Real investment which will yield its interest overtime without much stress. The gist is all about your company buying as a corporate entity as a sort of investment or the company buys on behalf of the staffs and deduct on installment basis from willing staffs who might have consented to such offer

The resultant effect of this on corporate investment is that this will accrue to the company’s profit and on the corporate payment on behalf of staffs will help improve the performance level of the staffs and the company will lose nothing.

In furtherance of our proof of validity we make it an issue of due diligence to our prospective clients to get them to know that we have the following Documentation and Titles on our Estate.

  1. Land purchase agreement/Irrevocable Power of Attorney donated by the customary owners. 
  2. Approved Survey Plan.
  3. Letter of Allocation.
  4. Survey Plan.
  5. Deed of Assignment. 
  6. A Global C of O (Certificate of Occupancy)
    For search at the Lands Registry please use: 
    Name: Portals Realty Limited. 
    File Number: AO/PL/C131

This package is geared towards affecting the average Nigerians with an expected forecast into the area this land situates. Our projection into this zone is gingered as a result of the impending development and upcoming developmental activities that is going on in this axis. We can forecast without an iota of doubt that these estates will compete with any other estate in Lagos.

Portal Realties Ltd is a Real Estate Development Company opening new areas in cities across Nigeria to provide exclusive estate with unique home designs that ensure comfort and security at very affordable rates.

Portal Realties Limited was established on July 29th, 2008, and was duly registered with the Corporate Affairs Commission RCC NO 758489.

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