About Us


To attain sector leadership by providing affordable and modern houses across Nigeria.


To provide standard and affordable housing for both low and high income earners.


We VALUE and are passionate about our client's dreams, aspirations and decisions. Helping them to secure their future through various strategies and technologies.

Portal Realties Limited is a Real Estate Development Company opening up new areas in cities across Nigeria, to provide exclusive estate with unique home designs that ensures comfort and security at very affordable rates.

Man’s primary need is food and Shelter. Several attempts have been made to solve the nascent resultant effect of lack of food in the society namely hunger, malnutrition, sicknesses etc. The attempt to solve the latter challenge (shelter) as a human necessity has only been encouraged by the bold and the affluent eminences in the society probably because it is not the core of human existence unlike food.

Portal Realties Limited is passionate about providing decent and affordable housing with minimum initial investment and flexible payment plan to low and high income earners in every state across Nigeria. Such mass estate will provide built up houses as well as service plot for those desiring to build their own designs. Our estate layout will be functional, eco-friendly and aesthetic. The company is composed of professionals with diverse experience capable of creating innovative, cost effective, functional and beautiful structures in Nigeria.


Our Real Estate Development operations

Land Acquisition & Development

Estate Design & Building Construction

Redesign & Development of Existing Structures